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Whole Novel Workshop: Middle Grade 2012 | July 8 – July 14, 2012

Founded in 2006, the Whole Novel Workshop is specifically designed for writers of middle-grade novels. This unique program offers the one-on-one attention found in degree programs, but without additional academic requirements, lengthy time commitments, or prohibitive financial investments. Our aim is to focus on a specific work in progress, moving a novel to the next level in preparation for submission to agents or publishers. Focused attention in an intimate setting makes this mentorship program one that guarantees significant progress. Our novel mentorship program includes:

  • Focused, one-on-one response to your entire novel-in-progress from an accomplished author and teacher
  • Group discussion and feedback
  • Seminars on technique, craft, query letters, and agent/editor submissions
  • Ample time to write and revise

The Whole Novel Workshop offers writers the rare opportunity to have the entire draft of a novel read and critiqued prior to the workshop, followed by a week of intense, one-on-one mentoring.

The Highlights Foundation Whole Novel Workshop Difference

AN INTIMATE PROGRAM Each Whole Novel Workshop is limited to sixteen students. Each faculty member will work with only four students, providing undivided attention and several one-on-one sessions as well as a reading of your complete manuscript prior to the workshop.

A PLACE TO WRITE Each attendee has a rustic but comfortable cabin, complete with its own bathroom, coffee maker, and refrigerator. You will have your own quiet place in which to write and revise.

TIME TO FOCUS During your workshop, you’ll be able to focus—maybe for the first time—on nothing but your novel. You won’t hear a TV in the background or have kids demanding attention. You won’t have to stop to do laundry or cook or clean. You won’t be distracted by a constantly ringing phone.

A BEAUTIFUL SETTING Tucked in the northern Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, the mid-nineteenth-century farmhouse, home of the Founders of Highlights for Children, has played host to numerous creative spirits. The brand-new Barn at Boyds Mills, built from local wood and fieldstone, provides a revitalizing space for writers to work and confer.

Faculty & Special Guests