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Unworkshop with Agent Lauren Spieller and Editor Bess Cozby 2017 | August 9 – August 13, 2017

Join TriadaUS Literary Agent Lauren Spieller and Tor Teen/Starscape Editor Bess Cozby for an Unworkshop like no other!

Lauren Spieller and Bess Cozby are writers who also happen to be children’s book industry professionals–so when we found out that they were headed to our Retreat Center to do some Unworkshopping (August 9-13), we thought we’d invite others to join them.

During this Unworkshop, Lauren and Bess will be working on their own projects during the day, but they’ll field questions at mealtimes, when all Unworkshoppers come together. In addition, on Friday night, they’ll deliver an hour-long presentation giving an insider’s look at the process that takes a book from manuscript to final product. With their expertise as writers and industry professionals, they’ll teach you how to find the right agent for your career, what happens after you sign with one, how submission to editors works, and what to expect after you’ve made your first sale! They’ll share tips and tricks for querying writers, a breakdown of exactly what an agent does to earn their 15%, and how to get the most out of your relationship with your brand new editor.

As a bonus, they’ve agreed to welcome submissions from all attendees after the Unworkshop is over!

Bess just wrote a great post for our blog: Five Tips for Making the Most of Your Highlights Retreat–check it out before you get here!

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