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The Power of a Picture Book 2012 | September 9 – September 12, 2012

Picture books may be written for the small, but their power is mighty. Sweet and simple as these books may be, the formula for writing a picture book is quite complex. Award-winning picture-book author and Chautauqua Writers Workshop alum Deborah Underwood will show you how to pack the most power into your picture-book manuscript. You will enjoy daily writing exercises, exposure to the best examples of picture-book writing, and intensive, one-on-one critiques of your work. Additionally, you will discuss:

  • Today’s picture-book market
  • What makes a good picture book
  • Narrative vs. concept books
  • Why a picture book is like a screenplay
  • Leaving room for your illustrator
  • Revising for appropriate word count
  • The perils of rhyme
  • Making a dummy

Guests will include an art director and a picture-book editor.

Faculty & Special Guests