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The Poet’s Poetry Workshop 2013 | May 19 – May 23, 2013

Whether your passion is writing poems for young ones or a more mature audience, our goal is to bring poets together to delve into all elements of poetry, to play with words, images and sounds, and to polish your poetry skills. You will be immersed in discussing, learning, writing, revising, and working on the craft of poetry. This workshop offers plenty of interaction, direction, and creative writing time. We’ll focus on all the elements of poetry, the importance of word choice and surprising metaphors, and experience plenty of writing exercises followed by group discussions and an on the spot quick look in an informal setting with the entire group, including workshop leader and editor.

In addition, each attendee will have a one-on-one block of time with editor or workshop leader to discuss individual work.

As a group, we’ll explore poetry from morning till night. We’ll examine good models of poetry in published collections, from free verse to rhyming. Our days will include instruction, exercises, brainstorming, optional nature walks, journaling, quiet writing, shared writing, and group critiques and discussions.

“Rebecca is among the best poets writing for children today.  Her pen is blessed with magic.”  Lee Bennett Hopkins, Renowned poet anthologist

Faculty & Special Guests