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The Journey: Your Path to Publication 2016 | September 8 – September 11, 2016

We’ve all quoted Emerson a time or two: “Life is a journey, not a destination.” But things get a bit less philosophical on our path to publication, don’t they? Suddenly we are so focused on the end…the destination…the PUBLICATION…that the journey becomes an obstacle we just need to overcome.

Don Tate could tell you a bit about obstacles on the journey to publication, but he will also be the first to tell you about the need to savor the process, about waiting and working and reworking and relearning all along the way. His journey to publication and award-winning author is a lesson in appreciating the process.

During The Journey you will look at the benchmarks in the path toward publication and discover ways to set goals for yourself with each project. Our mornings will start with a general session from Don or one of his special guests to learn more about the children’s book market, as well as the essentials of writing for young children. You’ll also enjoy writing exercises on character, poetry, pitches, and mining your childhood memories.

We promise three days of engagement, collaboration, mentorship, and a rekindling of joy in your path to publication. Let us help you on your journey and join us for this inspiring workshop.

This workshop includes:

  • One-on-one manuscript critiques
  • Daily writing and revising time
  • Daily sessions on craft
  • A sample of Don’s school visit with critique from Carmen Oliver
  • Building your personal goal-setting around your project

Who should attend:

  • Authors and illustrators serious about writing a picture book
  • Anyone who wants a framework for getting from idea to submission

To keep the workshop as intimate as possible, we will limit availability to the first 10 applicants. Please register today.

Faculty & Special Guests