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The Journey: A Crash Course in How to Write Books for Children 2018 | September 9 – September 12, 2018

Get serious about writing your children’s book–and explore your path to publication.

Just how do you write a children’s book–where do you start? How long does it take? What are the steps to publication? How do you get started? This workshop will answer these questions, and more! Picture book author/illustrator Don Tate and picture book author Carmen Oliver, and their special guests, will give you information and tools that will encourage you to savor your process and embrace your journey to publication.

This workshop will feature:

  • General sessions from faculty members to share about the children’s book market as well as the essentials of writing for young children.
  • Writing exercises on character, poetry, pitches, and mining your childhood memories.
  • Faculty and special guests will share their own paths to publication.
  • Time to write and revise on your own.
  • Meeting with faculty for one-on-one critiques of your manuscript.

We promise three days of engagement, collaboration, mentorship, and an exploration of how to find joy in your path to publication. Join us for this inspiring workshop and let us help you on your journey!

Faculty blog posts:
Faculty Interview: Don Tate
Faculty Interview: Carmen Oliver
Don Tate: Get It Right With Research
Carmen Oliver: Believing After 10+ Rejections
Don Tate and Carmen Oliver in Conversation
Just setting out on the path to writing a children’s book? Need a guide?

Carmen Oliver talks about the workshop:

Preliminary schedule:
Day 1
Arrival and check-in

Appetizers & dinner
After dinner: Creating and Building Characters Readers Care About, Carmen Oliver

Day 2
Turning Real Life into Nonfiction, Don Tate
Children’s Books in today’s classrooms and libraries, Matthew Winner

One-on-one critiques
Special Guest: Alison Myers, Queries, Submissions, and All That Jazz

Appetizers & dinner
After dinner: S’mores and Fireside Chat and Book Signing

Day 3
Creating Picture Books & Dummies for writers and writer/illustrators, Don Tate
Book Collaboration, James and Lesa Ransome

The Booking Biz, Carmen Oliver
Optional informational meetings

Appetizers & dinner
After dinner: Q/A and Book signing with James and Lesa

Day 4
Picture book activity/lecture with Kelly Light
Goal setting, and final remarks

Lunch & farewells

Faculty & Special Guests