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The Journey: Everything You Need to Know to Write a Book for Children 2018 | September 9 – September 12, 2018

Get serious about writing that picture book—and set reachable goals to move you towards publication.

When creative people get too focused on “getting published,” their work can suffer. They become so focused on the destination, on looking for short cuts, on worrying, that they completely miss the joy of the creative process—and they also skip some important steps along the creative journey.

In this workshop, you will learn more about some of these steps toward publication and discover ways to set goals for yourself that will move you forward. Picture book author/illustrator Don Tate and picture book author Carmen Oliver will also give you information and tools encouraging you to savor the process and to enjoy the journey.
This workshop will include:

  • General sessions from Don, Carmen or one of their special guests to learn more about the children’s book market as well as the essentials of writing for young children.
  • Writing exercises on character, poetry, pitches, and mining your childhood memories.
  • Faculty and special guests will share their own paths to publication.
  • Time to write and revise on your own.
  • Meeting with faculty for one-on-one critiques of your manuscript.

We promise three days of engagement, collaboration, mentorship, and a rekindling of joy in your path to publication. Join us for this inspiring workshop and let us help you on your journey!

Please note: we are still adding faculty for this workshop!


Faculty & Special Guests