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The Craft of Writing Short Nonfiction 2014 | August 3 – August 7

If you’re a picture-book author with a passion for nonfiction or a nonfiction author with a passion for picture books, this workshop is for you. You’ll learn how to master the techniques of writing the kind of short nonfiction that engages the reader and brings a story to life. And you’ll learn from those who write it, illustrate it, edit it, and purchase it.

The workshop will cover these topics:
•    Narrative nonfiction: What is it? What isn’t it? Is it the same thing as creative nonfiction?
Is historical fiction nonfiction?
•    Ideas: Where do they come from?
•    Research: What are primary and secondary sources? How do you find them?
•    Form: Should the story be a picture book? A magazine article? Something else entirely? How do you know?

The workshop will include free time for writing as well as time for critiques.
You don’t have to be published, but you do need to submit a manuscript to be accepted into the workshop.

Faculty & Special Guests