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Sharing Our Hope: Writing for Religious and Inspirational Markets 2014 | March 27 – March 30

Never has there been a greater need for inspirational stories, articles, and books for children and teens. Religious publishers and general-interest publishers alike are seeking hopeful books with solid values. Some material can “cross over” into both markets. If you want to write books offering hope to young people, join Paula Morrow (Christian editor, writing teacher, and book reviewer) and Kristi Holl (author of forty-two books for general interest and Christian publishers) for a weekend that’s both practical and inspiring.

In this workshop, you will

  • See the distinctions among the publishing terms religious, spiritual, Christian, inspirational, and crossover and decide where your own work fits best;
  • Learn how to write strong characters who are believable and multifaceted, yet flawed enough for kids to identify with;
  • Participate in discussions on surviving the writing life – and thriving – plus self-care for writers;
  • Learn how to infuse tension into your characters, plot, settings, and dialogue;
  • Explore inspirational market guides, plus find books especially for inspirational writers; and
  • Understand and learn to deal with “gatekeepers”: parents, gift-givers, librarians, editors, and agents.

Faculty & Special Guests