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Rekindling the Fire 2014 | November 13 – November 16

Do you struggle to balance your busy schedule with your commitment to writing? When you finally find time to write, is your energy depleted? Are you longing to take your writing to the next level, but never grant yourself permission to focus on your own needs?

For many of us, writing is more than a hobby. It’s a passion. Communicating through the written word is part of how we define ourselves, how we grow as human beings, and how we reach out to others. Yet when it comes to focusing on the life skills that will allow us to achieve our goals, we feel guilty if we prioritize our creativity. Our children, grandchildren, spouses, community commitments, aging parents, and friendships come first, and our writing takes a back seat.

This workshop is designed to leave you inspired and equipped with skills to integrate a flourishing writing practice into your current lifestyle.

We’ll delve into art of writing with award-winning author KL Going, studying that elusive quality that makes some writing resonate while other writing falls flat. We’ll talk about where ideas come from and how you can make decisions about which ideas are worth pursuing when your time is limited. We’ll discuss your writing goals and offer essential strategies to overcome the most common obstacles to publication.

Acclaimed life coach, author, blogger, and entrepreneur, Lisa Grace Byrne will lead us in developing self-care tools to maintain and grow a vibrant creative writing practice. We’ll learn how to unplug from our ‘task-oriented’ lives in order to allow clarity, creativity, and calm to flow into our writing practice. We’ll audit our schedules to find how we can amplify our time to allow for more of our own creative desires to have a place on our priority list. We’ll learn how to create a rhythm of predictability and spontaneity in our writing lives so we can work within the changing nature of our schedules. Finally, we’ll talk about why your story matters and how cultivating a practice of deeper self-awareness opens up higher levels of creativity and produces better writing content.

What you’ll experience:

  • intensive writing, self care and time management instruction
  • immersion in a nurturing environment, removed from the stress of daily life
  • gourmet meals and nutritional instruction
  • connection with fellow writers
  • an evening with an editor and/or agent with opportunity for Q&A
  • tour of Highlights for Children
  • a chance to meet one-on-one with both Lisa and Kelly to look at a manuscript in progress or discuss specific life challenges
  • yoga (available for those who wish to participate)
  • time to write and revise in the privacy of your cabin

This is your opportunity to refuel before the holidays arrive, so you can go back to your busy life with sharpened skills, a healthy outlook, and renewed determination.

To get a head start on the workshop, you can watch a free 3-part video series with K.L. Going and Lisa Grace Byrne: Creativity in a Busy Life!

Registration is on a first come, first served basis. This workshop is limited to twenty participants, and seats fill up fast.

Faculty & Special Guests