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Poetry for the Delight of It 2014 | September 29 – October 2

From budding poet to published veteran, we learn and teach at every stage. If you like to think, talk, write, and share poetry, this one’s for you.

How we’re organized:

Session 1:   The Study of Poetry

Session 2:   Verse

Session 3:   Are You Funny?

Session 4:   Skype Guest Kenn Nesbitt

Session 5:   Revising and Rewriting

Session 6:   Skype Guest Jane Yolen

Session 7:   Performing Your Work

Session 8:   Tips on Marketing

Session 9:   Self-Publishing

Session 10: Poetry Editor Rebecca Davis

Session 11: Becoming an Expert

Session 12: Open Forum

Session 13: The Big Performance

Session 14:  Setting Doable Goals

Wrap Up, Pictures, Goodbyes

Individual activities will include time to:

  • Practice writing what you’re learning
  • Be still with your thoughts
  • Start at least three new poems
  • Meet one-on-one with your workshop leader
  • Have your work critiqued by your workshop leader
  • Fun, impromptu gatherings by the fire to share poems
  • Chance to learn from others

What you will accomplish:

  • Write poems
  • Practice fundamental elements of poetry
  • Return home excited about the new poems you will write

What we will accomplish:

  • Make you a better poet
  • Create a community of poets

Faculty & Special Guests

“I will be back! I even bought a hooded sweatshirt so when I walk in my neighborhood, I’ll be thinking of poetry ideas! The Barn is a fabulous setting to learn. ”

Kathy Doherty
Schererville. IN

“Unbelievably delicious! Kitchen staff was wonderful and extremely pleasant. The workshop was inspirational, motivational, educational…shall I go on? Everyone from the Highlights Foundation went beyond all expectations and provided us with the highest level of hospitality.”

Patricia Cooley
Justice, IL

“Can I just live here? I love the feeling of being part of the family here. The kitchen staff did a great job of taking care of us. You really have to try the marshmallows. Great opportunity to get jazzed about poetry. The Skype was brilliant! I LOVE the poet’s garden.”

Joy Acey
Tucson, AZ

“It was so wonderful to spend time with other writers. It was wonderful to be treated with such fabulous food and accommodations! Thank you, thank you. This was life-changing, deeply necessary and will stay with me for a very long time.”

Sue Fowler
Austin, TX