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Poetry for the Delight of It 2013 | September 30 – October 3, 2013

This workshop is full. If you’d like to request to be on the waiting list, email us.

If you like to think, talk, write, and share poetry, this workshop is for you. From budding poet to published veteran, we learn and teach at every stage.

Group activities will include:

  • Four key workshops
    • Conceiving ideas for poems
    • Rough drafting;
    • Revising and rewriting;
    • Tips on marketing;
  • Discussions about and practice of poetic techniques
  • The pros and cons of verse and free verse
  • How to become better readers of our work
  • Learning what to look for in good/bad poetry
  • How to become better critics of our work
  • Opportunities to meet and hear special guests

Individual activities will include time to:

  • Practice writing what you’re learning
  • Be still with your thoughts
  • Start something new
  • Meet one-on-one with your workshop leader
  • Have your work critiqued by your workshop leader
  • Participate in fun, impromptu gatherings to share poems
  • Learn from others

You will:

  • Write poems.
  • Practice fundamental elements of poetry
  • Return home excited about the new poems you will write

Together we will:

  • Make you a better poet
  • Create a community of poets

Faculty & Special Guests