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Once Upon an App: A Survey of Apps Related to Language Development 2015 | April 19 – April 21, 2015

Co-sponsored with Active Learning Associates, Inc.
Publishers of Children’s Technology Review

At the unworkshopMore and more of students’ learning today–both inside and outside the classroom–comes from technology-based products such as apps. We invite you to a learning experience for all professionals serving children:

For writers and illustrators:

  • How do you move print-based books to a screen format?
  • How do you illustrate for interactive design?

For teachers and librarians:

  • How can apps can support language development?
  • How do you select the best ones for classroom or library use?

For publishers and designers:

  • How do you develop apps that are both engaging and educational?
  • How can you produce apps to support students’ reading, writing, and language development?

For everyone:

  • How does technology affect the way children learn to read and write?
  • What characteristics separate worthy apps from those that feature lots of “bells and whistles” but may not be truly effective?

Join Warren Buckleitner and Gail Lovely as they analyze and critique more than 100 recently published apps and share best (and worst) practices. Don’t miss this chance to understand how technology affects the way children learn to read and write.

Faculty & Special Guests