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Nonfiction Writing for Children and Young Adults 2012 | July 15 – July 22, 2012

Nonfiction Matters. Publishers crave new and different nonfiction. Teachers and librarians desire stories about real people, real places, and really interesting world events. Kids yearn to fill their minds with facts. Everyone wants and needs nonfiction.
Nonfiction Writing for Children and Young Adults explores this need from all angles: editorial, business, and, most importantly, from that of the reader and writer. The Highlights Foundation offers you a chance to explore factual writing through a range of topics, including nonfiction voice, biography, memoir, nature writing, science writing, and creative techniques in nonfiction. Your one-on-one mentor will help you polish your nonfiction manuscript and give it the accuracy and depth needed for publication.

Additional opportunities include

  • connecting with acquiring editors;
  • developing necessary research and interview skills;
  • exploring today’s magazine and trade-book markets; and
  • exposure to visual design through illustration and photography.

Note:  Lodging will be in a comfortably furnished cabin with an in-suite bath, shared by two  people. Based on your input, we’ll do our best to pair you with a compatible roommate.

Faculty & Special Guests