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Breathing Life into Minor Characters and Transition Scenes 2014 | April 6 – April 9 Waitlisted

So you have your protagonist and antagonist somewhat clear, and your primary characters developed as well. Now there appear these other characters, necessary to push the plot along, but they seem flat, undeveloped, uninteresting. You wish they had more substance. What to do?

At the same time, you’ve got a good beginning, some scenes building tension, gorgeous scenes constructed around the climax, and you really like the ending. But how do you get from the first of those well-developed, intriguing scenes to the next one, and so on? You know you need transition scenes, but they seem to drag and even you lose interest in them.  What to do?

In this three-day seminar with author and educator, Jan Cheripko, you’ll have an opportunity to focus on minor characters and transition scenes. Using references to classical and contemporary literature and film, Jan will lead discussions about what makes minor characters come alive and how transitional scenes not only blend into the flow of the story but have substance of their own.

“I think the great pieces of literature are peopled with characters — and not only the major characters — who are alive, interesting, enigmatic, who sometimes don’t appear at first to fit, and above all else, are real. Those minor characters, to me, fill out the story, complete the scenes they’re in, and make the whole experience real. Similarly, scenes that are necessary to move the plot along and get us from point A to point B, instead of simply functioning as such, become their own entities filled with power, or subtle poignancy, or poetic expression. How to do that? I think first we need to study the masters of it, and then try to apply their techniques to our own work.” Jan Cheripko

Come with a manuscript in progress, or just ideas for one and work one-on-one with Jan. You’ll have plenty of time to write and revise in the privacy of your cabin as well as time to discuss your work with other authors attending the workshop.


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