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Master Class: Understanding “Close Third” Point of View 2017 | November 2 – November 5, 2017

Please note: this workshop is full. Send us an email to join our waiting list!

Gain confidence in the “close third,” an intimate and emotionally powerful point of view.

From Jane Austen and Mark Twain to Kate Di Camillo and J. K. Rowling, a great variety of authors use “close” or “personal” third to move between a novel’s inner and outer story, achieving a real emotional intimacy through this close-to-the-bone perspective. In this workshop, writers will begin storytelling from a conversational first-person perspective and move to “close” or “personal” third, unlocking the potential of their story through intimate voice and true emotional power.

During this workshop, experienced writers will join editor and writer Patricia Lee Gauch as they explore the powerful perspective of “close third” in their narrations. Passion-driven moments, alluring language, and building a story in new, bold ways will all be parts of this workshop, which is limited to 10 participants.

Faculty & Special Guests