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Life in the Spotlight: Author Opportunities After Publication 2015 | May 12 – May 17, 2015

It’s for the published author to determine how much time and energy should be invested in selling self and product, but if the most is to be made of a book and author in the marketplace, then personal efforts must follow that publication date. This workshop not only introduces the participants to publicity techniques and the fine points needed to create fruitful relationships with the media, but it offers instruction, practice, and a real-life school experience for each enrollee in the development of public speaking and presentation skills. Fine-tune your presentation and marketing skills with a workshop that offers:

  • useful strategies for creating and delivering engaging talks;
  • videotaped public-speaking sessions and school presentations with useful feedback;
  • tips for marketing yourself to schools, libraries, and other potential venues;
  • information on developing brochures, Web sites, and other useful promotional tools; and
  • helpful pointers for working with the media to promote yourself and your work.

You’ll also receive an overview of various social media venues and how to make eConnections with your fans. Then, we’ll assist you in coming up with an individualized social media plan.

Faculty & Special Guests

“Highlights workshops are the ultimate resource for serious writers, both seasoned and those new to the business.”—C. Coco De Young, 2015 attendee

“Peter expertly coached us on polishing our presentation skills, gave us tips on presenting a successful talk, and reading from a script ...and gave us valuable information on how to deal with different aspects of radio, television, newspapers, and magazines.”—Marty Rhodes Figley, 2012 attendee Read her blog post here.

“The setting is informal. The camaraderie is long-lasting. And the food is to die for...Actually, I think of it more as a coming-down-to-earth experience. In addition to all the delicious food and hilarious fun, we each "endured" the scrutiny of experts who were not shy about telling us how we could improve.”—Joyce Moyer Hostetter, 2009 attendee

“Peter Jacobi’s Life in the Spotlight gave me the jump start I needed to overcome my fear of public speaking and publicity, in a group setting. Peter warmly gave us one-to-one attention to help us build confidence through reading, interviewing, and performing on-site school presentations. The lectern has become a good friend.”—Lori Ries, 2006 attendee