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Guided Retreat: Writer in Residence 2014 | June 21 – June 26

Reawaken your creative life with this inspiring retreat led by writer-in-residence Jillian Sullivan, author of Fishing from the Boat Ramp: A Guide to Creating. Her program offers what every writer needs: a quiet time for writing, a secluded place to work, and a feeling of community with fellow writers.

Early mornings will begin with an optional yoga session, a hearty breakfast, and then uninterrupted writing time. For those who would like to spend some time outside, Jillian will lead a silent, thirty-minute walk in the woods after lunch, during which you’ll use your five senses to experience your surroundings and record what you’ve observed.

Afternoons include a one-hour workshop followed by one-on-one meetings with Jillian to discuss your work. Evenings are free for writing or relaxing. On one night, writers will have the opportunity to share their work for the enjoyment of others if they so wish.

Give yourself the gift of time and peace with this unique writer’s retreat.

Jillian will also be in residence June 8-15, 2014

Faculty & Special Guests