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Getting to Know Your Novel with Sarah Aronson (Online Course Plus Onsite Retreat) 2019 | January 3, 2019 – April 11, 2019

Give your novel the special attention it deserves with this long-form workshop: an activity-based web series paired with a guided writing retreat.

We’d like to invite you to spend the first 3 months of 2019 workshopping your novel (either complete or in-progress) in this unique program led by author and writing teacher Sarah Aronson and co-faculty Melanie Crowder, with support from several teaching assistants.

Part 1: Weekly Sessions in a Web Classroom
January 3-February 21

You’ll attend weekly sessions in a web classroom with Sarah and her teaching assistants. She will:

  • Outline ways to deepen your understanding of plot, character and revision.
  • Host online discussions and respond to questions.
  • Post writing exercises, lectures and videos.
  • Check in with each student via email weekly, to answer questions and give direction.
  • Schedule two phone calls with each student during this period.

Part 1 Notes:

  • You can participate in the web classroom at your leisure—no need to attend at a specific time.
  • During the online portion, you will be submitting excerpts of your novel as needed, for feedback.

Part 2: Writing and Revising On Your Own

You’ll apply all you learned in Part 1 to your novel–finishing up your draft, or your revision, in preparation for your in-person visit to our Retreat Center.

Part 2 Notes:

  • Sarah will be available via phone or email to answer further questions and offer support.
  • By March 11, you will submit up to 50 pages of your novel, plus a chapter-by-chapter synopsis, so that the team can get ready for your in-person critique.
  • Sarah and the TA’s will be reading up to 50 pages and your synopsis.
  • An editor or an agent will be reading your first 5 pages and your synopsis.

Part 3: In-person Workshop at our Retreat Center
April 7-11

Bring your novel to our Retreat Center, where the team will mentor you through your next round of revisions.

Part 3 Notes:

  • Each morning will kick off with a general session of lectures and writing exercises.
  • Afternoons are reserved for writing and small group roundtable critique sessions.
  • Each night will end with a chance for you to share your work with faculty and peers.

Faculty & Special Guests

"This is by far the most supportive and professional workshop I've ever been to - I felt nurtured and more than achieved my goals."

"Sarah's warmth, generosity, responsiveness, and great insights made this class one of the most outstanding I have ever taken. She set not only the structure but most importantly the tone that made this workshop so successful from its online beginning to its in-person culmination."

"Sarah is a thoughtful teacher who is generous with her time. She truly cares about her students!"