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Finding Your Voice 2014 | October 12 – October 15, 2014

Our greatest writers write from their guts, from their own truths. They dig deep until they reach a vein within themselves that is pure gold. And then they tell the stories that only they can tell as only they can tell them.

It often takes years for a writer to find his or her authentic voice. This intensive activity and writing-based workshop has been developed to break writers through to their authentic voices. Through a series of activities and writing exercises, participants will learn how to discover and write their own stories.

Exercises will include

  • Daily focused freewrites
  • Point-of-view exercises
  • Sensory-image activities
  • Mind-mapping activities
  • Found-poem walk
  • Fireside self-expression circles

Each participant will receive a one-on-one critique with one of the workshop leaders on the first full day, and a one-on-one on the last day to evaluate progress and offer ways to continue to move forward. Throughout the three days, group writing sessions will be followed by sharing and feedback sessions.

On several nights, special guests—published authors and experienced editors—will join the group for pre-dinner talks about how they found their own writing voices.

Faculty & Special Guests