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Retell, Revisit, Reimagine: Writing Fresh Fairy Tales and Folklore for Older Readers 2018 | May 18 – May 20, 2018

Explore ways to harness the enduring appeal of fairy tales in your own work.

Fairy tales have inspired writers since they were first recorded. In this workshop, you’ll explore the ways you can incorporate or reimagine them into your middle grade or young adult novel. Fairy tales demand the same level of writing as any other form of fiction, so the focus of the workshop will always be on craft.

You will:

  • Hear faculty sessions on craft.
  • Complete writing prompts.
  • Enjoy free writing time.
  • Participate in group discussions.
  • Work with a faculty mentor for feedback on your manuscript.

Please check back soon for more details on this workshop.




Faculty & Special Guests