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Fact into Fiction: Writing the Historical Novel 2014 | October 16 – October 19

Fact into Fiction: Writing the Historical Novel

Setting historical fiction in a real time and place requires in-depth research and an immersion into the time period and setting. Novelists Sandra Neil Wallace (Muckers) and Rich Wallace (War and Watermelon) will share how to steep yourself in your characters’ world through conventional and not-so-conventional sources. Balancing “story” and history is a difficult task. Learn how to remain true to the facts without letting your story get bogged down by them.

We’ll delve into these topics and more:

  • Finding the story
  • Exploring the line between the fictional story and “what really happened”
  • Using humor, frustration, desire and other emotions to make your reader care deeply about your characters
  • Finding the voice and perspective of an earlier era
  • Connecting your plot to real historical events – major or minor. Where does your main character’s quest fit on that timeline?

We’ll also look at your own work-in-progress with group critique sessions.

Faculty & Special Guests