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Elements of Plot with Grace Lin and Padma Venkatraman 2018 | October 21 – October 24, 2018

Find your way through your novel, from point to point and place to place.

Crafting engaging characters and an interesting concept are only part of what makes a novel successful. For all stories, plot is a crucial element. It provides the energy to move your story from beginning to end. Plot must be responsive in its point of view, dialogue, and characterization.

Join Newbery winner Grace Lin and critically acclaimed author Padma Venkatraman in a hands-on experience designed to help you understand the analytical nature of plot and uncover ways to plan your novel.

You’ll examine the internal and external conflicts of your story and whether or not an emotional arc is achieved. Grace and Padma will offer feedback on pacing, tension, and stakes, as well as guide you in planning the journey of your story.

Whether plot comes to you intuitively or you struggle to bring structure to your concepts, this workshop is designed to help you strengthen your novel under the support and guidance of Grace and Padma.

Writers will be asked to submit 10 pages from the beginning of their work-in-progress, along with a chapter-by-chapter summary of the entire manuscript. Picture book writers are also welcome to attend and may send a single manuscript in its entirety.

Faculty guest posts:
Padma Venkatraman: Perfectly Plotted
Padma Venkatraman: Walking Through the Woulds with Your Character


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