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Defining Your Voice 2017 | May 18 – May 21, 2017

Defining what “voice” means may be subjective, but defining your voice is not.

“I sit down with the manuscript, look at the first page. If I ‘hear’ Voice in the language of the storyteller on that first page, I will read on. If I read flat storytelling without passion or individuality – without Voice – I will simply fold the title page over, put the manuscript back in the brown envelope, and send it back to the writer.”–editor Patti Gauch

As a reader, you know “voice” in an instant. It stands out. It rings true. It stays in your head. As a writer, you have a voice that is distinctively your own. It comes from within and without—inner conflicts, outside pressures, personal values, and your own particular views of the world infuse your work. You tell the stories that only you can tell.

If this voice belongs to you, then why is it so difficult to bring to the page? Sometimes it takes a little guidance to show you how. Join writer and editor Sharyn November to immerse yourself in rich examples of many writers’ voices as you work to develop your own.

Sharyn will host daily writing exercises on character, story, point of view, language, and believability. You will work to uncover ways to bring your voice to the page each time you write.

What to expect at the workshop:

  • One-on-one time with an editor.
  • Daily writing exercises on story, character, point of view, language, and believability.
  • Discover examples of authentic voice.
  • Interact with special author guests.
  • Q&A with faculty panel.
  • Generative writing time.

Sharyn’s Booklist: Books With a Strong Voice
Each of these novels has a different, yet very distinct voice. Reading the first chapter of each is a good starting point; if you want to read more, read on!
John Barnes: Tales of the Madman Underground
Julie Chibbaro: Into the Dangerous World
Carolyn Coman: What Jamie Saw
S.E. Grove: The Glass Sentence
See the whole list

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