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Creating Page-Turning Nonfiction for Middle Grade Readers and Up 2016 | October 23 – October 26, 2016

Do you have a passion for learning and a desire to create informational books about subjects you care about? Do you want to expose readers to complex works of nonfiction about science, people, or historical events? Want tips on how to organize a complex project–all while making your nonfiction a “page-turner”?

Returning Highlights Foundation faculty members Deborah Hopkinson and Pamela S. Turner team up to share their expertise in writing biography, history, and science in this fast-paced workshop focused on creating exciting and compelling nonfiction for middle grade readers and up.

Learn about:

  • Choosing the right subject for the right audience: picture books vs. longer works
  • How to decide if your topic should be historical fiction instead of nonfiction
  • Crafting your pitch: how to write compelling queries and book proposals
  • Tapping the skills of scientists, historians, and other experts
  • Research tips for writing history, biographies, and science
  • How to employ techniques of fiction to create a dramatic nonfiction narrative
  • Why back matter matters: sources, bibliographies, and other extras
  • Revision techniques and why revision is the most important skill any writer needs for a successful career
  • Illustrating nonfiction: art, photos, and graphics

The workshop includes presentations, lively discussions, writing time, and one-on-one critique sessions with both faculty members. You’ll go home with the tools you need to tackle the story you want to tell. Experienced beginners and beyond are welcome.

Faculty blog posts:
12 Signs That You Are Destined to Write Middle Grade Nonfiction

Faculty & Special Guests

Melissa Manlove
Melissa Manlove Participating via Skype
Rotem Moscovich
Rotem Moscovich Participating via Skype
Erica Wainer
Erica Wainer Participating via Skype