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Crafting a Dummy with Heart and Soul: A Creative Incubator for Illustrators 2019 | May 30 – June 2, 2019

Find balance with words and pictures as you polish your picture book dummy for submission.

At last! You have a project to submit to a publisher. Do you feel satisfied with your work? Is there something more you could add? Is it your best work?

Being an illustrator is a journey, an organic process that continually changes because we are always growing as artists. Do you feel inspired? What makes your art stand out?  

Whether you are working on your first picture book or you are reinventing yourself to renew your enthusiasm, this workshop will bring out your unique personal expression to help you craft an exciting, lively dummy.

What You’ll Learn

  • You will review the basics of creating a dummy for a 32-page picture book.
  • You will work on your book in a creative, stimulating environment.
  • You will learn how to decide what images to illustrate.
  • You will learn to make good compositional choices for the greatest dramatic impact.
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  • You will discover ways to update your page designs.
  • You’ll hear from an art director about working with illustrators in the publishing process.
  • Faculty will work with you individually to help you to discover and showcase your strengths.
  • You will perfect your picture book dummy to get it ready for submission.

Who Should Take This Class

  • Illustrators who have an in-progress picture book and want help getting it ready for submission to publishers.
  • Anyone interested in illustrating a picture book for children.
  • Anyone with a finished picture book who wants to polish it for final submission.
  • Illustrators who would benefit from the shared experience and expert tips of our experienced faculty.

Note: To participate in this workshop, you must have a completed manuscript and/or sketched dummy, and you must provide a short description of your project two weeks before the workshop.

Faculty & Special Guests

"Floyd Cooper and Melanie Hall maintained a relaxed, but work focused atmosphere in which it was easy to converse with them and the other attendees. I never came this close to completing a dummy before. Because of them I feel like I know where I'm going and what I'm doing."

"Melanie and Floyd were amazing. They gave excellent feedback on our projects and I could tell they took the time to understand our projects and prep for the workshop so we could get right to work. Best Instructors ever!"