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Color, Light, Line, and Texture Hands-on Workshop 2018 | April 26 – April 29, 2018

Come play in paint, explore collage, dive into textiles during this hands-on retreat for everyone.

Creativity is front-and-center at this open-to-all weekend. Everyone is welcome: teachers, librarians, writers, artists, and art lovers!

NO previous art experience required!

Using paints, paste and paper we will create drip papers, paste papers, 3-D illustrations, accordion books, gilded quotes, and vivid collage art in the style of Lois Ehlert.
We’ll look at how these various techniques can be used in illustration and in your personal projects.
Our special guest, Judy Schachner, will lead a workshop using her signature style of art.

Faculty blog posts:
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Preliminary schedule:
Optional tour of Highlights for Children and Boyds Mills Press
Arrival and check-in
Hors d’Oeuvres and Dinner
After dinner: creating papers for Friday’s workshop!

Friday morning
Paste Paper, Denise Fleming
We will mix up a big batch of paste, add color to it, then make some simple tools to create patterns and textures using the colored paste on various papers. Paste Paper is often used in handmade artist books or for collage.

Friday afternoon

Channeling Lois Ehlert–illustration style, Ashley Wolff
After creating a collection of watercolor “drip” papers on Thursday night, we’ll study the work of Lois Ehlert. Then we’ll design Lois Ehlert-style images and, sharing colors and textures among the group, we’ll use our papers to assemble collage triptychs.

Friday evening
Hors d’Oeuvres and Dinner
After dinner: Hands-on workshop with Judy Schachner

Saturday morning
Gilded Quotes, Ashley Wolff
Do you have a favorite quote? A beloved short poem? We’ll design watercolor and gold ink compositions using your text, and drawn, painted or collaged images. Simple hand lettering techniques will guarantee success. You’ll have a piece suitable for framing and hanging over your desk for inspiration.

Saturday afternoon
3-D illustration, Denise Fleming
Create a 3-D illustration by cutting and building up multiple layers of paper. Think silhouettes. Shadows are created by the placement of light on the illustration. Add color or leave the paper white.

Saturday evening
Accordion Books and Pocket Books, Denise Fleming
We will make mini handmade books using our paste papers.

Sunday morning
Critique and sharing

Faculty & Special Guests

"Ashley & Denise are a wonderful team & I would love to attend another workshop with both of them. The balance between studio work/explanation during the day & the talks at night was just right."—2016 attendee

"I loved this workshop exploring a variety of techniques."—2016 attendee