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Beginning STEPS to Writing Historical Fiction 2018 | June 21 – June 24, 2018

Give your historical fiction a strong start by learning the fundamentals of this popular genre.

Are you writing a novel where a historical event or historical figure plays a main role? This workshop is designed to help you finish or revise your historical novel with five thoughtful steps. Using the acronym STEPS, award-winning historical fiction author Joyce Moyer Hostetter will introduce the basics of writing historical fiction.

Together, you’ll explore:

Story: Finding stories embedded in history and embedding history into our stories.

Time: Allowing the historical era to shape characters, dialogue, actions, and more.

Experts: Seeking insight from archivists, specialists, eyewitnesses, and survivors.

Place: Infusing the story with a sense of locality and culture.

Sources: Researching history and documenting resources

You will learn about market trends and expectations from an editor and will hear from guest authors about their research experiences and publishing journeys. Joyce will also meet one-on-one with you to explore your ambitions for writing history and give feedback on your work. There will be an opportunity to explore the submission process as well.


Please note: we are still adding faculty to this workshop.

Faculty & Special Guests