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Beginner’s Class in World Building and World Conjuring 2018 | October 4 – October 7, 2018

Explore ways to help ground and stretch readers within fantasy, science fiction, and magical realism.

Fiction writers must create a world grounded in the reality of their readers’ lives. But what if reality needs to take a leap? What if the world you’ve created for your book is fantastical, dystopian, far out — in other words, otherworldly? There are techniques that lend themselves to fantastical worlds: ways to establish rules and meaning, build relationships, and structure governments. This three-day workshop will immerse you in building compelling and believable worlds in your fiction.

The workshop is ideal for writers who are in the beginning stages of creating speculative, science fiction, or fantasy novels. Workshop leader Cori McCarthy is well versed in the challenges of the craft and will guide you to create depth in your world and characters as well as open you up to new ideas for your work in progress.

Along with daily lectures and writing, Cori will host one-on-one consultations on the first 10 pages of your work in progress and facilitate writer’s roundtables on additional pages.

Space for this workshop is limited to eight writers.

Faculty & Special Guests