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A “Short” Cut to Success 2013 | October 15 – October 18, 2013

Breaking into children’s publishing can be tough. And although the majority of authors try to do it with fiction, that’s the hardest thing to sell. What’s the easiest? We like to call them “shorts.” They’re the crafts, games, puzzles, recipes, and other activities that fill magazine pages, blogs, and websites, and engage kids at every turn.

At this workshop, our faculty of “shorts” editors and writers will help you learn how to write different types of shorts, maximize their “fun factor” for kids, and research the markets for this type of material. It will involve writing exercises, feedback and critiques.

Many established authors started their publishing careers by selling shorts. Each sale—no matter how small—can energize a writer and sometimes lead to larger projects. Not only does this “foot in the door” help new authors become familiar with the publishing process, but it also helps them build relationships with editors. And most importantly, these little activities bring big satisfaction to kids!


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