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A Retreat for Poets 2017 | August 27 – August 31, 2017

A gathering for writers who enjoy playing with rhythm, rhyme, and the poetic form.

When You Are Happy
Eileen Spinelli

When you are lonely,
I will show up
on your doorstep
with my heart in
a basket.

I will whisper
“I love you”
until your loneliness
grows wings
and flies off
like a silken bird.

Join Eileen Spinelli, author of When You Are Happy and numerous other poetry collections, for a poet’s retreat in the woods. You will begin each day with a short writing exercise, followed by hours of individual writing time. In the evenings, you will gather again to share work and discuss the craft of writing poetry. There will be time to talk about wordplay, word choice, writing process, and how to find ideas.

Special guest Kathleen Hayes will offer a few points about how poetry fits into today’s marketplace. This retreat serves all poets, writing for any audience.

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