Eileen Robinson

Eileen has helped many writers become first-time authors during her years at Scholastic. For almost ten years, she acquired, developed, and edited children’s books for both Scholastic, as executive editor, and Harcourt Publishers, as editorial manager. She has also worked on projects for National Geographic, Santillana USA, Marshall Cavendish, Weekly Reader, and others. Having helped many new authors become published,  Eileen not only helps newcomers get their feet in the door, she also works with experienced fiction and nonfiction authors. Now an editorial consultant, Eileen works with both published and unpublished authors, helping them to strengthen their writing, look at their work from a marketing perspective, and learn the part of the business that isn’t writing so they have a better chance of getting published. Eileen created the site F1rstPages.com to help authors like you.


Revision Retreat 2019
July 31, 2019