Leeza Hernandez

Leeza Hernandez illustrates children’s books in between working full time as an art director and freelance surface pattern designer. Her latest books include Did You Burp? by April Pulley Sayre (Charlesbridge), This Is The Day! by Amy Parker (Scholastic) and the Mia Mayhem chapter-book series (S&S), which made it onto the 2020 Florida Sunshine State Young Readers Award master list. Leeza’s other books include Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo by John Lithgow (S&S) and the Eat Your Homework books by Ann McCallum (Charlesbridge). She lives in New Jersey with her husband, daughter and two sassy cats named Jaspurr and Princess Pippa. When not working as a designer, Leeza’s printmaking, drawing and eating cheese! Follow her on Instagram @leezaworks.