John Kascht

Special Guest
John Kascht was lauded by the the National Portrait Gallery as “a keen and insightful observer of human nature.” Two dozen of his caricatures are in the NPG’s permanent collection. John’s illustrations have appeared in most major US publications and on book covers, billboards, and Broadway marquees. In recent years, he has written and produced mini-documentaries that examine what can be learned about public figures by drawing them. Notably, he teamed up with comedian Conan O’Brien on the award-winning film Funny Bones: Anatomy of a Celebrity Caricature for the Smithsonian’s educational networks. Making Faces, a retrospective of John’s work, tours through the end of 2020 with stops at the McNichols Art Center in Denver, the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, and the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum at Ohio State University. John is currently at work on a graphic novel, about faces.