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S. K. Ali is the author of Saints and Misfits, a 2018 William C.Morris Award finalist, winner of the APALA Honor Award and the Middle East Book Honor Award, and Love from A to Z, an NBC Today Show’s “Read with Jenna” Book Club selection. Both novels were critically acclaimed and named top ten YA books of the year by various media including Entertainment Weekly and Kirkus Reviews. Her newest novel, Misfit in Love, comes out on May 25, 2021. Sajidah is also the co-editor of the critically acclaimed middle-grade anthology Once Upon an Eid and co-author of the New York Times bestselling picture book, The Proudest Blue.

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“There’s no doubt that the publishing industry lacks Muslim voices and that our communities have struggled with misrepresentations for far too long. An opportunity, through this grant, to provide a welcoming space for Muslim writers to develop the stamina, skills, and networks to be successful, allows this state to be reversed and for our communities to develop and thrive creatively.”

How Can Muslim Children See Themselves in Your Stories?

“Muslim young people are allowed to just be and breathe and love on the pages of my books, as they are, without apology or shrinkage or fitting themselves into narrative boxes, or pinging – even slightly – stereotypes expected of them. They roam their stories like they belong in their wholeness. ”

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