Online Latinx Symposium 2021: An In-Community Celebration of ¡DRAMA!

October 20 - 31, 2021


Online symposium centered on celebrating our Latinx community and stories

  • Two weeks of pre-recorded and LIVE Zoom sessions.
  • Virtual classroom with peer and faculty interaction.
  • Recorded sessions release on Thursdays, October 21 & 28.
  • Small group sessions (6pm Eastern) and LIVE lectures (7pm Eastern) on Wednesdays, October 20 & 27.
  • Small group sessions (6pm Eastern), and LIVE lectures (6pm Eastern) on Sundays, October 24 & 31.
  • Optional 1:1 sessions for written feedback and Zoom consultations at an additional charge. (Scheduled at a mutually convenient time with faculty.)




In this symposium, Latinx children’s book creators will gather online in community for an exploration of identities, craft, the business of publishing and more. We will tap into the interior landscape of our personal drama – however we define that—and seek to upend tired and narrow stereotypes and tropes of Latinidad. Our guiding light will be our amor propio, our self-love and knowing that we serve children.

We celebrate this self-love in the face of daily messages that say: we are loud; we have big personalities and emotions; we have tempers; we are drama kings and queens; we are too much. So, we code-switch when moving in non-Latinx spaces. We talk more quietly, dress more discreetly, smooth down or straighten our hair. Too much ¡Drama! can cause others to discount us. Too much drama means we aren’t taken seriously.

What if our flair for bold and loud and emotional were not seen as a paper-thin stereotype, a telenovela, a single story—but as an integral part of how we create? A special gift of knowing how to move people to tears, rumble the ground under their feet, change their minds?

¡Drama! is who we are— a multitude of countries, races and identities making art for children to see all their selves—quiet, loud, colorful, subdued, kings, queens and every self in-between. It is time to celebrate our ¡Drama! at the 2021 Online Latinx Symposium.

The online symposium includes LIVE sessions with keynotes, creative exercises and small group sessions. The pre-recorded resources include lectures, creative exercises, and prompts.

Watch some of the faculty talking about Identity during our September #HFGather, where the panelists shared a wealth of resources for Latinx authors and illustrators, and ways for educators, librarians, booksellers, and other members of the Kidlit community to amplify Latinx voices during this month and throughout the year. Find clips and the full Gather here.


  • You identify as part of the Latinx diaspora. This program is designed to be an exchange of ideas and a place to connect in community. You want to learn more about the conversations that are happening in the Latinx space – and you want to bring your voice and experience to the table.
  • You write or illustrate picture books, chapter books, novels, and/or nonfiction. This program is open to all Latinx kidlit creatives regardless of genre or age you are creating for.
  • You enjoy an online learning experience. This online experience is best suited for creatives looking to learn and engage remotely with self-paced recorded resources and live engaging sessions.
  • You are looking for a community that will help you build a sustainable writing life.


Watching released content prior to live opportunities will help you engage in the discussions each week. Attending the live sessions each week and participating in the small group sessions will build your creative practice and engagement. If you can’t attend live, no problem. You will have access to all recorded materials through December 31, 2021.


During the registration process, we will ask you to respond to a few questions so we can gather information about small group sessions.

Approximately three days prior to the start of your online course you will be asked to register in our virtual classroom where you can introduce yourself and review pre-course materials.

Week One:
Pre-Recorded video in Canvas Classroom

Intention Setting with NoNieqa Ramos *Please watch this video before attending the opening live session.

Wednesday, October 20
Live via Zoom

  • 6pm Eastern: Facilitated Small Group Meeting: Overview of how small group works; split into two groups
  • 7pm Eastern: Welcome from Alex Villasante & Mia García, followed by Keynote Presentation: Maika & Maritza Moulite

Thursday, October 21
Pre-Recorded video in Canvas Classroom

  • Creative exercise
  • Keynote Presentation: Ernesto Cisneros

Sunday, October 24
Live on Zoom

  • 5pm Eastern: Facilitated small group meeting
  • 6pm Eastern: The Author /Illustrator relationship with NoNieqa Ramos and Jacqueline Alcantara

Week Two:
Wednesday, October 27
Live via Zoom

  • 6pm Eastern: Facilitated small group meeting
  • 7pm Eastern: The Business of Publishing: A conversation with Agent Jen Rofé and Editor Shelly Romero

Thursday, October 28
Pre-Recorded video in Canvas Classroom

  • Creative exercise
  • Keynote Presentation: Hilda Burgos, Embracing Your Authentic Self–and Making Readers Care About Your Story

Sunday, October 31
Live Via Zoom

  • 5pm Eastern: Facilitated small group meeting
  • 6pm Eastern: Brujeria – Live office hour with available faculty
  • Bonus: Creative exercise in the classroom

Please note: special guests Hilda Eunice Burgos and Ernesto Cisneros will not be attending the workshop “live,” but we will be sharing pre-recorded sessions from them.


All kids deserve to see themselves and their families reflected in the books they read. This workshop, part of our Essential Conversations series, helps to support and amplify the voices of ALL storytellers.


Scholarships Available

Scholarships are available for this workshop–the application deadline is October 7, 2021.
Click here to apply!
For more information about scholarships, click here.


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“All of the faculty was knowledgeable, informative, and helpful in the development of my as a writer and creative in the Latinx community.”

“The faculty all were so AMAZING! I am crushing and loving their brilliance and generosity. I especially love the humor and honesty that they used to shared the content with us.”

“I love meeting the faculty! I appreciated all the guests that they curated throughout the symposium. This really helped to demystify the writing/publishing process.”


Mia García

Mia García was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She moved to New York where she studied creative…
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NoNieqa Ramos

NoNieqa Ramos is an educator who wrote THE DISTURBED GIRL’S DICTIONARY, a 2018 New York Public Library Best Book for…
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Alexandra Villasante

Alexandra Villasante has always loved telling stories–though not always with words. She has a BFA in Painting and an MA…
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Hilda Eunice Burgos

Hilda Eunice Burgos is the author of the middle-grade novel Ana María Reyes Does Not Live in a Castle, which…
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Ernesto Cisneros

Ernesto Cisneros is the award-winning author of EFRÉN DIVIDED. He was born and raised in Santa Ana, California, where he…
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Jennifer Rofé

Special Guest Jennifer Rofé works primarily in the middle grade and picture book spaces, and she especially loves working with…
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Jacqueline Alcántara

Special Guest Jacqueline Alcántara is a freelance illustrator and educator spending her days drawing, rehabbing houses and adventuring with her…
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Shelly Romero

Special Guest Shelly Romero (she/her) is an associate editor at Scholastic. She graduated from Stephens College with a bachelor’s degree…
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Maika Moulite

Special Guest Maika Moulite is a Miami native and the daughter of Haitian immigrants. She loves writing: books, think pieces,…
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Maritza Moulite

Special Guest Maritza Moulite graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s in women’s studies and the University of…
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