30 + 10: Free Craft Webinars with Optional Paid Critiques

January 2 - June 2, 2020

We’re excited to announce a new series of online sessions that we’re calling “Find the Good: 30 + 10 of Craft & Critique.”

The 30:
One of our faculty will lead a free 30-minute craft webinar, open to everyone.

The 10:
Following the free webinar, we will make available at least 10 opportunities to receive a written critique from the webinar leader. The critiques will cost $75 and will be on a first come, first served basis. During the webinar we’ll share details to help you make sure it’s the right fit for your work and how to sign up.

What to Expect From Your Critique
Our faculty will generously give notes on your project, including an overview on what’s working and questions they have on structure, content, or composition. In addition, feedback within the submission will be given through manuscript notes as necessary.

After you register for a critique session, you will receive a letter asking you to upload your work and the faculty member will provide you with written feedback within 4-6 weeks. Please understand that challenges may mitigate this timeline, and we will be in direct contact with them and provide you with updates if there are any changes to the turnaround time.

Please register individually for each session by using the “register now” links below.

Jumpstart Your Plot with a Story Spine Free Webinar
Leader: Adam Lehrhaupt
Tuesday, May 12, 7:00 p.m.

Learn how to use the tool that helped create some of the most popular kids books and movies ever made. This workshop will demonstrate how a story spine makes plotting so easy you can sketch out dozens of ideas a day. We’ll go over tips for adding drama, escalation, and great resolution as well as breaking down the spine into parts you’ll use to master each act of your plot.
Register for the free webinar here.
Critique note: Adam will offer 15 critiques: he will look at a full picture book manuscript (less than 1000 words) or the the first chapter of a longer work up to 1500 words.

A Conversation on Voice Free Webinar
Leaders: Jake Bazel and Jenna Gavigan
Thursday, May 14, 7:00 p.m.

A precocious mermaid once asked a sea witch how the heck she could survive on land without her voice. She was smart to ask! In the land of storytelling, having a strong voice is key. Jake Bazel and Jenna Gavigan will discuss what voice means to them, how they’ve cultivated it in their writing, and will give you tips and exercises to strengthen and embolden the voice in your own writing.
Critique note: Jake will offer 10 critiques. He will look at a full picture book manuscript. Jenna will offer 10 critiques of MG or YA novels: up to 2500 words, ideally from the start of the novel.
Register for the free webinar here.

Open critique slots:

These are the 30+10 open critique slots, $75

  • With Jennifer Swanson, nonfiction picture book manuscript or proposal: Book your critique
  • With Lesléa Newman, a full picture book manuscript in verse, the first ten pages of a novel in verse, or ten pages of poetry: Book your critique
  • With Chris Tebbetts, 10-12 pages (3000 words maximum) of a middle grade or young adult novel: Book your critique
  • With AC Gaughen, 10-12 pages (3000 words maximum) of a middle grade or young adult novel: Book your critique

Watch previous sessions:

  • The Courage to Create, with Jennifer Jacobson, 3/31/20. Watch it here.
  • Playing with Point of View, with Sarah Aronson, 4/7/20. Watch it here.
  • How to Begin Your Novel, with Linda Camacho, 4/9/20. Watch it here.
  • So You Want to Write a Picture Book, with Rajani LaRocca, 4/15/20. Watch it here.
  • STEAMing into Nonfiction, with Jennifer Swanson, 4/17/20. Watch it here.
  • Poetry to Soothe the Soul, with Lesléa Newman, 4/21/20. Watch it here.
  • Visual Outlining, with Chris Tebbetts, 4/23/20. Watch it here.
  • Find the Heart, with Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, 4/28/20. Watch it here.
  • Nonfiction in a 30-Minute Nutshell, with Susan Campbell Bartoletti, 4/30/20. Watch it here.
  • Building Your Revision Toolbox, with AC Gaughen, 5/8/20. Watch it here.