Writing for Illustrators: An Author/Illustrator Intensive 2019

September 19 - 22, 2019


Grow as a writer while honoring your illustration background.

A picture book plays between both worlds, and for most stories, it’s an interplay of words and pictures. For many author/illustrators, illustration is comfort and writing is “un.” Just as the illustration took study and practice, so does the writing. Join celebrated author/illustrators Elizabeth Rose Stanton and Jessixa Bagley, and their special guests, to grow as a writer while honoring your illustration background.


Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Originally trained as an architect, Elizabeth Rose Stanton segued over to fine art and design while raising her family. Now…
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Jessixa Bagley

Jessixa Bagley is a children’s book author/illustrator as well as a practicing fine artist, and comics creator. She has been…
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Mela Bolinao

Special Guest Mela Bolinao has a B.A. degree in Art History with a concentration in Visual Arts from Barnard College.…
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Joanna Volpe

Special Guest Joanna Volpe is a literary agent and the president of New Leaf Literary & Media, where she represents…
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Melissa Iwai

Melissa Iwai is the author and illustrator of many books for young children. Some of her books include Soup Day…
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All-Inclusive Event Cost: $999.00

All-inclusive means we provide transportation to and from the airport, lodging and all meals.

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Begins with dinner on Thursday, September 19; ends on Sunday, September 22, with lunch.