Latinx Writers Symposium: Sponsorship

Sponsorship Opportunities

Latinx Writers: A Virtual Symposium
September 15 – October 15, 2020

Join us in amplifying the voices of Latinx writers. Your support for this program provides scholarship and faculty support to help make this program a success.

Support Levels:

$1,000: Provides two scholarships plus program support. (Event tuition is $399 per person).

$2,500: Provides five scholarships plus program support.

$5,000: Provides 10 scholarships plus program support.

Sponsors receive recognition within our marketing and publicity materials as well as during this month-long event. Sponsors at the $5,000 level also receive two nights of Personal Retreat at the Highlights Foundation Retreat Center, to be used at any time in the next three years, and can be given to anyone.


The Highlights Foundation positively impacts children by amplifying the voices of storytellers who inform, educate, and inspire children to become their best selves.