I, Too Arts Scholarship for Black Women Writers

Announcing the I, Too Arts Collective Scholarship for Black Women Writers at the Highlights Foundation

I, Too, Arts CollectiveIn partnership with New York Times bestselling author Renée Watson, and the founding members of the I, Too Arts Collective, a scholarship for a Black writer, identifying as a woman, has been created. The scholarship includes full tuition to a qualifying Highlights Foundation workshop. Assistance toward traveling expenses will be offered if available.

The I, Too Arts Collective was founded by Renée Watson in 2016. The collective leased the Harlem brownstone where Langston Hughes lived and created during the last 20 years of his life. The space was activated to host readings, writing workshops, book launch celebrations, youth arts engagement, and conversations with writers, poets, and illustrators. The lease ended on the Hughes house in December 2019.

“I, Too Arts Collective was inspired by Langston’s poem, ‘I, Too’ where he writes about having a seat at the table, how he, too, is America. In so many ways his home became our table, a sacred space for writers and artists to create, to gather, to heal,” says founder Renée Watson. “Part of the organization’s mission was to nurture voices from underrepresented communities in the creative arts. This scholarship has been established to continue that work, to provide financial resources, space, and time for Black women writers to create and perfect their craft.”

The I, Too Arts Scholarship is designed for a Black woman writer, who has at least one book published (self or traditionally).

Get more information about the scholarship process and apply here.

To learn more about Renée Watson’s work, please visit www.reneewatson.net. For further reading on the I, Too Arts Collective, please visit the digital archive at http://www.itooarts.com.