January 28–February 4, 2018
Carolyn P. Yoder’s Alumni Retreat January 2018

A special and unusual retreat, open only to graduates of Carolyn P. Yoder’s workshops. Participants will come together for seven >>

  • Writing Intensive
March 15–March 18
Special Unworkshop with Shadra Strickland

On March 17, we’ll unveil Shadra’s original art from Deloris Jordan’s A Child’s Blessings and Prayers: From Faiths and Cultures >>

  • Retreat
  • Writing Intensive
March 25–March 28
Special Unworkshop with Laurie Calkhoven

Children’s book author Laurie Calkhoven uses meditation at every stage of her writing process; from brainstorming story ideas and getting >>

  • Writing Intensive
May 7–May 12, 2018
Writing and Revising Narrative Nonfiction 2018

Learn narrative nonfiction storytelling skills and get the feedback you need to complete your revision. A writer of narrative nonfiction >>

  • Nonfiction
  • Writing Intensive
June 14–June 17, 2018
Connecting Source to Story: Mining the World for Your Fiction 2018

Writers of historical, contemporary, or speculative fiction: Join Ashley Hope Pérez for a look into the authentic sources for fiction. >>

  • Writing Intensive
August 3–August 7, 2018
Revision Retreat 2018

Intended for writers wanting to revise a draft of a manuscript and explore proven techniques for self-editing. In this working >>

  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Novels
  • Writing Intensive
August 18–August 25, 2018 Waitlisted
Carolyn P. Yoder’s Alumni Retreat August 2018

Please note: this workshop is full. Send us an email to join our waiting list! A special and unusual retreat, >>

  • Writing Intensive