Crafting Successful Author & Illustrator Visits: What to Expect

School visits are a powerful way to get your book into the hands of readers. But how do you take what you’ve written or illustrated and turn it into an attention-grabbing presentation for kids?

At Crafting Successful Author & Illustrator Visits, you will learn strategies for creating and delivering engaging talks, information on developing materials for teachers and students, and guidelines for developing other promotional tools.

Best of all, after helping you create your presentation, our faculty will accompany you to a local school where you will share it with students! Afterwards, faculty will review your visit and give valuable feedback. Their advice and instruction will equip you with the tools, knowledge and confidence you need to make quality presentations.

Here’s what 2017 alum Leah Henderson had to say about the course:

Here’s the preliminary schedule:
Arrival, Hors d’Oeuvres, Dinner, Welcome and Special Guest Andrea Loney

Polishing Your Presentation Skills, Peter Jacobi
Booking Speaking Engagements, Carmen Oliver

Reading from a Script, Peter Jacobi
Creating a Successful Talk, Peter Jacobi
Conference proposals, Jan Cheripko
Building Your Author Brand: Enewsletter, Social Media & More!, Carmen Oliver
A Workshop for Educators, Jan Cheripko

Your School Visit Shrinks and Expands as Needed, Carmen Oliver
Material preparation
Individual conferences about marketing, proposals, materials, press
Individual conferences about the school presentations

School visits
Post-visit critiques

Post-visit critiques
Closing comments, Peter Jacobi

Posted on: January 30, 2018

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