Barbara Jean Hicks

Barbara Jean Hicks is the author of five critically acclaimed and award-winning picture books that beg to be read aloud! She claims that editors who say they don’t like rhyme really mean they don’t like bad rhyme. And if a story wants to be told in rhyme, who is she to say no? Not all of her books are written in rhyme, but they are all written with a conscious recognition of the music inherent in language. Her books have been described as “perfect” and “cracker-jack” read-alouds and her use of language as “unforced,” “organic,” “delightful,” “lyrical,” and “toe-tapping.” Her titles include The Secret Life of Walter Kitty, Monsters Don’t Eat Broccoli, and Jitterbug Jam: A Monster Tale. Barbara is a credentialed teacher who has mentored students at every level from preschool through adult.