Summer Camp: What to Expect

Lamar Giles tells Campers that "writing is rewriting."
Lamar Giles tells Campers that “writing is rewriting.”
If you’re looking for a really special writing and learning experience, look no further than our signature annual workshop, Summer Camp. You’ll have a lot of writing time and quality sessions on craft. You’ll appreciate our peaceful setting and being pampered by our staff. But at the heart of Summer Camp is our incredible faculty, the faculty-to-student ratio, and the intimacy of the mentorship program, which allows you to spend both formal and informal time with the faculty. Here’s a look at what you can expect if you decide to join us this year:

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Hands-on breakout session with Shadra Strickland.
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To give you an idea of how much info you’ll learn, this is a list of last year’s workshops:

  • Waking the Inner Voice: It’s Time, Patti Gauch
  • Dream, Dare, Do—Writing Takes Vision, Courage, and Energy, Each to the Fullest, Peter Jacobi
  • Creating Character, Meg Medina
  • Picture Book as an Act of Mischief: Bringing the Right Voice & the Right Play to a Picture Book, Patti Gauch
  • Propulsive Language: Making Stories MOVE, Lamar Giles
  • Creating a Sense of Place, Mitali Perkins
  • Picture Books, Shadra Strickland
  • Minor Characters and Transitional Scenes, Part I, Jan Cheripko
  • Writing is Re-writing: Maximizing Revision, Lamar Giles
  • Beginnings & Endings: Pathways to the Reader’s Mind & Heart, & Gaining
    Welcome Entrance, Peter Jacobi
  • Writing from the Sense (with a sense walk), Jillian Sullivan
    Thursday evening picnic.
    Thursday evening picnic.
  • Radial Plotting: Brawl with your plot from the inside out, Alison Green Myers
  • Dialogue Busters: Crafting Conversation in Fiction, Mitali Perkins
  • Literature, Lessons, and Life: How the Desire to Write One Good Sentence Pursued Me, Jan Cheripko
  • JUST FICTION:Writing Race, Culture, and Power in Children’s Books: Mitali Perkins
  • Have You Scene This: Scene Writing Exercises, Lamar Giles
  • The Power That Comes with Information, the More and the Richer, Peter Jacobi
  • What Does Your Character Desire? Jillian Sullivan
  • Submission Basics: How to Start and End Your Query Letter, Alison Green Myers
  • The Importance of the Page Turn, Lindsay Barrett George
  • What I Really Want to Write About: Finding Stories That Matter, Meg Medina

Camp writing exercises.
Camp writing exercises.
Lastly, here are some nice things previous attendees have said:
“Summer Camp at the Barn exceeded my expectations!”

“I don’t know how you gathered this group of faculty, but each one was generous, kind, and so supportive. I have never felt more inspired.”

“Honestly, the entire experience was an incredible gift from beginning to end. The attention to detail from the welcoming staff and Highlights family simply warmed my heart and soul.”

“This was a topnotch workshop.”

“Everything at the camp is wonderful. The people, the natural beauty of the surroundings, the camaraderie. Just awesome!”

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Posted on: November 10, 2017

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