Julia Garsecki

Julia Garstecki

Julia Garstecki is the author of more than two dozen nonfiction books for children. Her series American Fighting Forces introduces readers to her favorite topic: American History. She is also the author of “The Complete Guide to Titanic” and “The Complete Guide to the American Revolution.” Her latest book Baby’s Big World: US Government led to editing books for young readers. In addition to writing about history, Julia writes about the military as well. Her new series Military Tech is available in fall 2017, and her series Elite Forces will be released in 2018.

When she’s not writing, she is teaching reading and writing classes at Goodwin College in Hartford, CT.  Julia also is a guest Writer-in-Residence and works with fifth and sixth grade authors at Canton Intermediate School. She encourages young writers to recognize their passions, take a chance, and share them with the world.