Round-Up: 3 agents speak out

We all know that agents play an important role in children’s publishing, but getting to know an agent sometimes seems even more impossible than finding a publisher. Fortunately, many agents are willing to share their knowledge through interviews and blog posts. Here are a few that stood out for us recently:

Solutions for the Most Common Mistakes Writers Make and More — An Interview with Editor Emma D. Dryden
Respected independent editor Emma Dryden answers some questions on the Adventures in YA Publishing blog. Visit Emma’s website.

Quick Questions: An Interview with Disney-Hyperion Senior Editor Rotem Moscovich
Senior Editor and Highlights Foundation workshop faculty member Roten Moscovich spends a little time with The Blabbermouth Blog. Visit Rotem’s website.

Winning the Query Letter Jackpot
A great post by literary agent Sally Apokedak about query letters that WORK.


Posted on: June 22, 2015