Getting the Gigs: a closer look

We thought you’d like to see exactly what’s in store at our upcoming workshop Capturing the Spotlight: Getting the Gigs, happening April 26-29. Here’s the agenda:

Sunday, April 26
Tour of Highlights for Children and Boyds Mills Press
Dinner, introductions and general discussion of what you are looking for from this workshop.

Monday, April 27
Morning Yoga
Mock School Visit Program with Larry Brimner
Give Them What They Want and a Bit More with Margie Stern
How to Live Creative Life while also Blogging with David Harrison via SKYPE
We Have Contact: School Visits and How to Get Them with Larry Brimner
Reaching Out to Educators via the Web and Other Avenues with Vicki Cobb
A Nuts & Bolts Marketing Schedule and The Book Launch with Larry Brimner

Tuesday, April 28
Morning Yoga
Group Critique of Marketing Schedules
Nurturing Relationships, One Author’s Story with Selene Castrovill
Entering the Not-So-Big Big Time of Conference Speaking with Larry Brimner
Nurturing Relationships, One Artist’s Story with Melanie Hope Greenberg
Fees, Contracts, and Insurance with Larry Brimner
Q/A Panel with Melanie Hope Greenberg, Selene Castrovilla, & Larry Brimner

Wednesday, April 29
Morning Yoga
Draft a Press Release and Discussion
Next Steps and the Business of the Writing Life with Panel (Melanie Hope Greenberg, Selene Castrovilla, & Larry Brimner)
Pack Up / Walk Along Calkins Creek
Lunch & Departures

Posted on: March 27, 2015

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