Laurence Pringle

Laurence Pringle

“I am delighted to live in a nonfiction world, and to be curious about much of it. There is such a bounty of fascinating facts, ideas, and discoveries. It can feel overwhelming–but never boring.”

Winner of several prestigious national awards, Laurence Pringle is one of the most popular and honored authors of nonfiction books for children. He has written for a wide range of grades, on a wide range of subjects (ecology, environmental and health issues, nature, history, biography). Though he freely admits that he is still trying to grow as a writer, he loves to visit schools to give programs about the writing process.

Laurence had a kind of free range childhood in rural western New York. For a while he attended a one-room school. (In that classroom, one teacher and about 20 kids in grades 1-8!) He loved reading, and exploring woods, fields, ponds, and creeks. He wondered about the lives of the birds and insects, trees and turtles. So many questions! He did not realize he was laying a foundation for a distinguished writing career that will soon total 120 nonfiction children’s books.

Often asked whether he has a favorite of his many titles, Larry can pick the “top ten.” One is best-selling narrative nonfiction, An Extraordinary Life: The Story of a Monarch Butterfly–about one specific monarch. Sometimes a book is a favorite because it is a recent work, when Larry’s life is still full of memories and feelings about the subject, for example, The Secret Life of the Red Fox. Opening the refrigerator can remind him of Ice! The Amazing History of the Ice Business. Watching a spider craft her web reminds him of Spiders! Strange and Wonderful, and a pleasing whiff of skunk odor reminds him of a book recently written, The Secret Life of the Skunk.

For more information about Larry and his books (and the stories about their creation), plus school author visit information, please go to www.laurencepringle.com.