Robert Burleigh

Over the past thirty-five years, Bob has published poems, reviews, essays, many filmstrips and videos, and more than forty children’s picture books.

Born and raised in Chicago, Bob graduated from DePauw University (Greencastle, Indiana) and later received an MA in humanities from the University of Chicago. His books run a broad gamut and include biographies aimed at seven- to eleven-year-olds. His work is wide-ranging because, basically, he’s a generalist by experience—and inclination!

While the subjects vary, Bob says his books are linked philosophically, stylistically, and structurally by his wish to capture where possible the emotional intensity—the essence—of whatever the subject is. He believes the hard facts (historical and biographical) are extremely important and  always weaves them into the narrative. But beyond that, he likes the book to convey the feeling of immediacy, of being there—whether there is flying an airplane, hitting a baseball, or painting a picture.

In addition to writing, Bob paints regularly under the art name Burleigh Kronquist and has shown work in one-person and group shows in Chicago, New York, and elsewhere around the country. You can read more about Bob on his website at http://robertburleigh.com.