Jan Fields

Jan Fields had her first brush with educational publishing when an editor happened upon her webpage and asked if she’d write a book for their history line. Though that book didn’t work out, the idea of getting off the submission/rejection cycle did. Since then Jan has written thirty books for educational publishers including Capstone, Heinemann, and ABDO. Of the thirty books, twenty-eight are fiction. She has also written fiction, nonfiction, plays and poetry for educational testing companies. She’s the editor of the popular free electronic newsletter, The Children’s Writer’s eNews, from the Institute of Children’s Literature. She has taught writing for children both in distance learning and through community education. She has also written fiction, nonfiction and poetry for children’s magazines including Highlights for Children, Ladybug, Cricket, Boys’ Quest, Pockets, and Discovery Girls, and educational magazines including Holidays and Seasonal Celebrations, Lollipops, Shining Star, and One Way.

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