Guest Post: Andrea J. Loney–Three Tips for Awesome Author Visits

We’d like to thank Andrea Loney for this blog post. Andrea is on the faculty for our upcoming School Visits: Spotlight on Students and Storytellers. Thank you, Andrea!

Andrea Loney school visitBefore attending the Crafting Successful Author & Illustrator Visits workshop at Highlights for the first time, I’d already done some author events at bookstores and schools with my picture books Bunnybear and Take a Picture of Me, James Van Der Zee! I’d taken some great workshops on school visits. I’d also been a teacher, a story time reader, and a standup comedian. I’d had practice being entertaining, engaging, and occasionally inspiring, but it was during the Highlights workshop that I finally learned how to deliver a moving, authentic, and effective author visit to audiences of all ages. Here are three powerful tips I learned in the workshop:

Take a Picture of Me James VanDerZeeBe Prepared:
For many authors, the very idea of standing before of an auditorium full of strangers (even kid-sized strangers) and talking about our creative process for 30-40 minutes can be terrifying. But I’ve found that the more thoroughly I’ve prepared my presentation, the more comfortable, confident, and connected I feel during the visit. So I clarify my intention for each visit, I learn about the audience beforehand in order to share relevant information, I carefully choose my words, images, and props for each visit, and I practice, practice, practice my presentation.

Be Flexible:
But even as I prepare for an awesome author visit, I also prepare for the unexpected. Sometimes there are unforeseen delays and I may need to deliver a longer or shorter presentation than I’d anticipated. Sometimes I create a presentation for curious elementary school kids and instead the audience is filled with wiggly preschoolers or toddlers. Sometimes the projector malfunctions before or during my presentation, and I have to switch to a low-tech solution to continue the program. No matter what happens, I try to stay flexible, adapt to the situation, and keep the visit rolling.

Be Yourself:
BunnybearWhen I first decided that I was going to do author visits, I spent lots of time watching other writers presenting in person and online. I wanted to speak like this author, make people laugh like that author, and of course I wished I could draw with the expertise of a published author-illustrator. But in the Highlights workshop I learned how to be authentically myself during a visit, so I could deliver a one-of-a-kind presentation. Sharing my passions and opening my heart during presentations has really helped me to connect with audiences of all ages. One of my favorite memories of the Crafting Successful Author & Illustrator Visits workshop was first seeing how the participants each crafted unique experiences based on their own gifts, strengths, and personalities, and then watching the children joyfully engage with each author’s presentation during the school visits. It was simply magical.

Double Bass BluesBeing prepared, being flexible, and just being myself have helped me to create fun and memorable author visits. I hope that with these tips will help you create and present your own awesome author visits. And I hope that you’ll consider joining us at the workshop!

Posted on: March 2, 2019

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